The Maze 2.

The Maze 2 is an overhead maze game programmed and released by Schoman3 on Scratch. It is is the sequel to his earlier game, The Maze.

The Maze 2, like it's predecessor, received mixed reception upon release. Many thought it was too hard. It currently has about 500 views, but only 1 love and 2 favorites.


The Maze 2 is similar to the original game. You control a dot navigating a red maze. If you touch the walls, the game is over and you must start from the beginning. To beat the maze, you must touch the yellow dot.

Many have criticized The Maze 2 for it's extreme difficulty. The negative comments claim the dot moves too fast and the maze is too small and too difficult to complete.

One thing different about the original game is that this one has music. It has stage music, game over music, and ending music. It also has a colored background, and a different ending screen.


Upon completion, you will see this ending similar to the ending in the original game.


As stated above, The Maze has received mixed reception over the years. Many found it simply too hard to play. As of now it has about 500 views.