The Maze.

"The Maze" is an overhead maze game programmed by Schoman3. The Maze came out March 16, 2010, and got mixed reception from the Scratch community.

The Maze is one of Schoman3's earlier games, being released in 2010. It was the third game by Schoman3.


In "The Maze", you control a small yellow dot as you navigate a large, thin-walled red maze. If the yellow dot makes contact with the red walls, the game is over and you start from the beginning. The Maze is notorious for it's difficulty, and many people have criticized it because of this. Some claim it is too hard to complete, however, with extreme precision it can be done.

The ending screen

Upon completing The Maze, you are greeted with this ending screen.


The Maze has received mixed reception over the years. Many claimed it was too difficult to play, though many enjoyed its difficulty. It currently has about 500 views and about 10 loves and favorites.