Title screen of Sword of Virtue.

Sword of Virtue is a platform game programmed and designed by Schoman3 on Scratch. It was released to the Scratch website on September 26, 2013 to high praise and reception.

Sword of Virtue currently has about 200 views and about 30 loves and favorites.


The in-game storyline reads:

"An evil wizard seeks the Sword of Virtue, and to use its power to take over the world! You are just a humble knight with a sword of copper. Can you stop the wizard and his minions, before it's too late?"


In Sword of Virtue, there are many enemies throughout the game. Mainly axe-wielding knights and archers trying to kill you. You can collect green apples for extra health, and you can hit knobs with your sword to open doors.

The first boss

After the 6th level, you encounter the first boss battle. A large, robed, axe-wielding monster who strikes with his axe and throws knives. After beating him, you receive the shield. This can help protect you from enemy fire, or deflect arrows shot by archers.

The final boss is the evil wizard himself. He shoots flames (which must be deflected with your shield) and fires lasers. Upon defeating him, you beat the game.


The game has received mostly positive reception.