Title screen of "Stealth".

STEALTH is a game programmed and designed by Schoman3 on the Scratch website. It is a platform game where you invade a warehouse to retrieve an expensive gem that has been stolen by spies.

Stealth was released on May 1, 2013 to generally positive reception. It currently has over 5,000 views and about 300 loves and favorites.


In the game, you play as an unnamed man sent to retrieve a stolen crystal from evil villains. You must avoid getting within eye contact with the guards, or else they may kill you with their guns. To do this, you could hide behind boxes, climb pipes, etc.

You could also knock out the guards by sneaking up behind them and hitting space. Sometimes they drop a key, which will help you advance through the levels.

Guards can be knocked out.


Stealth has received high praise from the Scratch community. It has over 300 comments, and over 5,000 views. It is another one of Schoman3's platform games.