Title screen of Square Dude's Adventure.

Square Dude's Adventure is a platform game programmed and designed by Schoman3. It was released March 24, 2013 to highly positive reception and praise. The game currently has over 70,000 views and almost 2,000 loves and favorites.


In the game, you play as Square Dude and you must journey through many levels to save the world from robots. The game utilizes the arrow keys, with left and right to move and up to jump. You can destroy enemies/robots by jumping on their heads, and this is also how you kill the bosses. You have a health bar of 5 lives, and if you lose all your lives the game is over.

Throughout the game you will pass 20 single-screen levels (including the boss battles) and you will fight 2 bosses. One of them is a giant robot with a head, arms, legs, and claws that shoots lasers from it's eyes. The last boss is a sphere with spikes that glides around the stage. You must hit it between the spikes.


Upon release, Square Dude's Adventure received incredibly high praise from Scratchers, garnering thousands of views within a few months. Today it is one of the most popular platform games on Scratch, and is the monst popular game that schoman3 programmed.

The popularity of Square Dude's Adventure has generated a sequel, titled Square Dude 2.