Square Dude as seen in Square Dude's Adventure.

Square Dude is a character created by Schoman3. He is an 8-bit boy with a gray shirt and blue tie. He also has blue pants and blonde hair.

His first appearance was in Schoman3's game Square Dude's Adventure. In this game, you play as Square Dude as you destroy robots and their evil leaders before they take over the world. The game has gained high praise from the Scratch community.


Square Dude walks and jumps with the arrow keys. He can also jump on top of robot heads to destroy them, and in Square Dude 2 he can use machines to shoot out bubbles to use as stepping stones. However, as soon as you touch one of the bubbles, they will pop.

In Square Dude's Adventure, to defeat the bosses, you have to jump on them at the right time so you do not get damaged. The first boss stomps across the screen and spontaneously shoots lasers from his eyes, and the 2nd boss is a sphere covered in spikes that flies around the stage. These bosses take multiple hits to defeat.

In Square Dude 2, there are 2 bosses (like the first game). The first boss is a robot built on a conveyor belt that shoots spikes from one arm and throws a spiked ball on a chain from the other. The second and last boss is Reck Tangle in his machine. He tries to crash his machine into you, aim a line of fire at you, and shoot rockets. Both of the bosses in Square Dude 2 take 3 hits to defeat.


Square Dude's Adventure is one of the most well-known platformers on Scratch. His debut game has become immensely popular, with over 35,000 views and almost 1,000 loves and favorites. The popularity of Square Dude has prompted Schoman3 to create a sequel.