Schoman3 is most known for his character Square Dude.

Schoman3 (real name Sam) is a video game programmer and designer on the Scratch website, most known for his platformers such as Square Dude's Adventure or Stealth. He joined in early 2009, and is still active as of now.

Early projectsEdit

Schoman3's first project was titled "Shaolin Stick Man", and it was uploaded January 1, 2009 to generally mixed or positive reception. He then made other games, such as Chopper, The Maze, The Maze 2, etc.


Schoman3 gained mass popularity when the game Square Dude's Adventure was released in March of 2013. The game was a hit, and currently has over 35,000 views. He later went on to create multiple other hit games, such as Dark Dungeon or Stealth. He is currently working on a number of projects that are as of now unnamed.

Favorites Edit

Schoman3 has currently favorited 43 projects, but since he is on he could favorite more soon. His studio, imagination, has over 10 followers and includes hit projects such as Lost-a platformer and epic ninja. Epic ninja was made by griffpatch, who has over 45,000 followers, and tips the scales achieving the highest follower turnout on the entire scratch website. Schoman3 also favorited the project, Super Smashin scratch Trailer. This incredibly imaginative project was invented by LedPencil, but has been undertaken by platformer designer, 211A. Schoman3 also has favorited PullJosh's project, Elf Run, shared on November 26, 2016. This project brought in the spirit of Christmas, and schoman3 likes games that make people smile. Schoman3 also favorited Bluey's Quest, another platformer, this time, made by TangoMangoStudios. Overall, schoman3's favorites indicate his love for platformers.