Title Screen of "Puzzle Factory".

Puzzle Factory is a platform-puzzle game programmed and designed by Schoman3 on Scratch. It was released on July 31, 2013; to mixed reception from Scratchers.

While Puzzle Factory has lots of interactive features, they crowd the game and make it have multiple glitches. Some browsers cannot play the game at all.


In Puzzle Factory, you control a red-haired boy in blue jeans and a teal sweater. You are trapped in a large and mysterious factory, where you have to use your wits to escape. Puzzle Factory has many interactive puzzles and objects (Such as moveable boxes, levers, pulleys, elevators, magnets, etc.).

The final boss is a large machine that runs on a conveyor and shoots lasers and bullets.

Technical difficultiesEdit

Ever since the release of Puzzle Factory, it has collected comments on how the game has many glitches. Many report objects not showing up, impossible stages, and misplaced features. The game has become difficult to play due to the amount of bugs, and only a few browsers can play it properly.


The game has gotten mixed reception from Scratchers, mostly due to the bugs as said above. It has almost 500 views, and over 30 loves and favorites.