Title screen of Dark Dungeon.

Dark Dungeon is an overhead RPG programmed and designed by Schoman3. The game was released July 7, 2013; and was one of Schoman3's more intricate and amitious games for Scratch.

Dark Dungeon was released to positive reception from the Scratch community. It currently has over 3,000 views, and over 100 loves and favorites.


In Dark Dungeon, you have 3 characters to choose from.

1. The Warrior

The Warrior is the 1st of the 3 characters in Dark Dungeon. The Warrior uses a sword as a weapon, and has a maximum of 5 health.

2. The Archer

The Archer is the 2nd of the 3 playable characters in Dark Dungeon. The Archer uses a bow and arrow as a weapon, and has a maximum of 4 health.

3. The Mage

The Mage is the 3rd and last character in Dark Dungeon. He uses his magic staff as a weapon, but his maximum health is 3.


Throughout the game are various shops, save rooms, battle rooms, and stage bosses.

1. Shops

Dark Dungeon's map has a number of shops where you could buy items with gold. (You could find gold scattered in the dungeon, or you could get it from enemies.) The items differ depending on what weapon you have, but some have common items (Health refills, etc.)

2. Save Rooms

Unlike many Scratch games, Dark Dungeon includes a save system. If you stop by a Save Room, enter and save, you could start from that point if you get a game over. This is rare for Scratch games.

3. Stage Bosses

Dark Dungeon has 2 major bosses. The first is a large dragon-like lizard creature that shoots fireballs. The second is a 3-headed snake that spits 3 flames. Both battles can be made easier with the assistance of power-ups found in shops.


Dark Dungeon is one of Schoman3's most well-known games. It is one of the few Scratch games to contain a functioning save system, and the game is huge (at 231 scripts and 45 sprites).

Upon release, Dark Dungeon received highly positive praise from Scratchers. Many commented on how they liked the 3 players and ambitious features. However, the game also has several glitches as pointed out in the comment section.