Dark is a platform game on scratch programmed by famous scratcher, schoman3. Dark is highly successful and was released on July 2, 2014.

Reception and history Edit

Dark is one of schoman3's latest and most complicated games. it was shared on the second of July, 2014, and immediately carried the success of schoman3's other platformers. It has been viewed by over 4500 scratchers, loved over 370 times, and favorited over 340 times. It was updated on August 4, 2014, when schoman3 lowered both boss health bars.

Gameplay Edit

The player starts out in a forest, and must defeat skeletons and bats with a flashlight. Be careful on the witch hut, there is a tricky and surprising bat inside. The first boss is a hostile scarecrow. After this boss is defeated, the player will encounter snakes. The final boss is a scorpion, encountered in a cave. Look out for nooks and crannies, these may hide rubies. Also look for bushes. Lighting a bush with your flashlight may reveal an emerald. After the game is finished, the player will be scored up to an A+.